June 6, 2020

Category: Macros

PowerShell :: a macro malware sender

Hopefully you have landed here having read Part I and Part II of my How to make your own macro malware series and already have a little context behind this script.  In short, it came from a need to send an email with an attachment to hundreds of recipients whilst alternating the email content and spoofing the […]

How to make your own macro malware – Part II

Hi, Hopefully you have arrived here having read the part one of this guide which walks you through developing a strategy and those all important macro embedded documents.  If not, you can find the article here. So in this article we are going to cover a little bit about crafting a successful email and then […]

How to make your own macro malware – Part I

Hi, So in our intro to macro malware blog we covered how macro malware is on the rise, is almost impossible to prevent and the only way many enterprise environments can harden against it is to educate their users into not opening those malicious emails.  In this blog, and the subsequent parts, I want to walk […]

An Intro to Macro Malware

Hi, So, with macro malware the flavour of the year I thought I’d do a number of articles covering what it is, how simple it can be and how you can try and mitigate some of the risks. So what is macro malware and why is it so common? Macros add powerful functionality to Office […]

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