June 6, 2020

Category: Nagios

BASH :: check the Postfix mail queues for Nagios

Here is a tiny bash script that will check your Postfix mail queue and exit the code dependant on the result.  Often mail relays sit in the background not really ever breaking and therefore never being monitored.  I wrote this little check so the IT team would be the first to know if mail started […]

PowerShell :: check the Exchange 2010 queues for Nagios

I wrote this little script to monitor the Exchange 2010 mail queues and flag up when there is some mail stuck in there.  In most infrastructures your emails will probably move onward to either a relay or AV appliance and a failure of one of these will see mail begin to back up on your […]

PowerShell :: checking VEEAM backups are running for Nagios

This is my second PowerShell script to check VEEAM is happy (the first one is here)and focuses on making sure jobs are still running.  Whilst its rare the job engine will freeze, I used to get this problem all the time with other products and so got used to writing checks for it.  The script is […]

PowerShell :: checking VEEAM backups for Nagios

This little script will check all the configured VEEAM backup jobs (not backup copy jobs) for any that have a last state as FAILED.  It will not check for any jobs that have a last sate of WARNING as these occur too often to make the check useful. If one backup job has failed, it […]

NsClient++ :: using PowerShell scripts

If you are using Nagios in a wintel environment, then you will almost certainly have heard of NsClient++, but if you haven’t its a fantastic Windows agent that listens on port 5666 (for check_nrpe commands from Nagios) and then if the received command is configured in its config file, it will execute it and return the result.  Those […]

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